Slowly engaging the engaged to engage IP addresses

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On the back of my recent reflection and appreciation for a Return Path article about IP warming “Engaging the engaged to engage IP addresses”, I found that Mike Yillyer also had the same idea. It would have been rude not to also add a tribute to Mike’s work too.

This one is particularly useful in that it speaks more about the implementation, obviously from the front line, this obviously backs up my original “Dedicated IPs are Good advice”.

Great advice putting weight behind closely monitoring your volumes through a new IP as well as ISP reactions.

This also reiterates the importance of only sending to the engaged through the new IP because the negative reactions from the less engaged (or surprised recipients – tut-tut) will carry a lot more weight and be hard to come back from.

Keep hold of this page “Technical Considerations for IP Warmup” or keep an eye on my IP warming page so you can always have somewhere to check.

Any one who is book marking any of these pages should also bookmark Laura’s ISP Summary Information which also features on her site, Word to the Wise.