Email Marketing: Continuing the Conversation

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]I have just read Scott’s fantastic blog “Email Marketing: A Conversation Starter“. It was so good and in line with some conversations a few of us had been having recently, I was inspired to reply. But before long I’d written a whole blog post so I moved it over here…

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Scott, Awfully well put sir!

We’re always banging on about CTA and conversion but far, far too often a senders’ CTA is buy buy buy!

The majority of the time, excluding ecommerce emails, a sender does not have a good enough rapport with enough recipients to get that level of conversion.
In fact the number of recipients who are alienated or even offended by the audacity out ways the number of conversions.

It’s the old direct mail mentality where people think email marketing is the same as posting flyers, but it’s sooo not!

But hey they made money, who cares? The people who won’t buy at all from future emails, that’s who!

By empathising with recipients’ levels of rapport with the brand, you can make the CTA achievable for everyone and get more out of your recipients. Upgrading them from prospect to customer then fan.

If they are new, distant or barely engaged try starting the conversation about something rapport building rather than asking for big commitment of purchase at this stage. Then build up to the purchase.
Get personal with it, show interest in individuals. Last clicks, opens, social interactions etc.

If they are consistently engaging with you, reward them, engage back and preset them with opportunities to tell their friends and bring you more business.

Target people by engagement levels in previous emails and even website and social interaction.

In reality it’s conversation and interest in each other that builds a rapport and subsequently a relationship.

The same rules apply to digital marketing.

So start the conversation with something that a recipient can reply to, be it a click through,Facebook like or comment, purchase, blog comment, tweet or abandoned cart.

And don’t just leave it there. A recipient responds to your conversation starter, you reply again and it goes on and they spend money with you over and over and you keep treating them well over and over and everyone one’s a winner

Make the call to action achievable based on their rapport with you