Email UX – recipient experience top 5

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]You may have read me banging on about the recipient experience, whether it was about deliverability, engagement or ROI (they are all the same by the way) and when ever I read a good piece from someone else about it I cannot help but shout about it (eg: Scott Cohen’s Conversation Starter).

Well, I’ve found another one:

Email Insight less is more” by the legend of Remy Bergsma on his (April 11th, 2011) really got to the core of it.

It’s a great length of post too, not too long that you decide to save it for later and never get round to it,
but has all the points too: it has a nice contextual image and a simple 5 point list, what more can you ask for:

  1. Purpose
  2. Audience
  3. Time
  4. Followup
  5. Tone of voice

If you want to find out what this means for your email success…read on

If not, you really should do, so…read on

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There is not enough about the really core touchy feely, how to delight people consistently in email marketing. There is so much pressure on numbers and money, the recipient experience is fading. Senders either through lack of inclination or pressure are still thinking the word ‘blast’ (uurgggh) and forgetting that every recipient is an individual.

Each person is different and can look at your brand differently, based on their exposure to you, the way they found out who you are, their life long experiences of your brand and the amount of time since you last entered their thoughts or even line of sight.

Your call to action might not be achievable for every person on your list for any reason and you might end up losing people who would will spend later if you treat them right. So normalise it with some top level categories like their age, their last purchase, their last interaction, how long they’ve been with you etc.

Split the list for prospects and customers, split those lists for hot & cold leads and customers & fans and make sure what you want them to do is achievable. Help them achieve it and those who aren’t ready purchase now will be next time and you’ll know about it!

And don’t forget that with social media it is even easier for people to say things about you and people are more inclined to shout about a bad thing than a good thing – because a good thing is just the norm – so aim for delighted and if you under achieve all is well and everything else is gravy!