Confirmed Single Opt-in

Sign-up forms are of course the best way for people to give you their addresses.

The safest way to process sign-ups is with a double opt-in; by sending an email containing a link that needs to be clicked in order to complete the sign-up is the only way to make sure the person who entered the address owns the addressHanKany marketers (probably too many) won’t do a double opt-in through some annoying pitiful fear of missing an opportunity. Apparently people still think quantity over quality and want to treat email marketing like postal marketing, which saddens me. This attitude is probably the largest contribution tot poor deliverability.

We do have the welcome email, where someone is signed up instantly and an email is sent immediately after the sign up. It does unfortunately leave the form open to abuse, if someone wants something for nothing they can still enter someone else’s email address.

So what does one do when the bosses won’t allow double-opt-in but you want to ensure a quality list…

Engagement targeting from the welcome email!

It’s the first email you will you send them and on the back of their sign-up. This experience makes the first impression of your brand’s opinion of their list and the fact that it is sent so soon after the sign-up will get better engagement.
Hopefully you already knew that but also this will be you first opportunity to react to their engagement levels from an email.

In the same way as you should be segmenting by engagement over time ie: targeting frequent clickers differently to people to who haven’t opened the email in 3 months; you should use the recipients’ reactions to your welcome email to initially profile them for levels of rapport so moving forward you can know which calls to action will be achievable.