Not really fooling Spam Assassin

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]Got this tweet this morning from @koolrocbas

@koolrocbass Kool Roc Bass

Kool Roc Bass

I think I am in love with @thedailymashand @pure360 email explanation
about the tiny type to fool the spam assassin. Thank you & good day.
11.20-ish 01/07/2011

It was referring to an email sent out from The Daily Mash with their pay day offers. Pure360 also sponsors the email.

Here’s a picture of the email below and here’s a link to the HTML.
With the subject line: Cheap t-shirt make summer sexy nice time
daily mash pay day sale


The bit being referred to is the last two lines of the small text at the bottom:
Oh, and if you’ve read this far and are wondering why this is all here in tiny type it’s to fool the spam assassin who apparently does not like the big picture above because it has not got enough text in it. Thank you and good day.

I’m glad someone appreciated it.


Just to clear things up, we’re not actually fooling Spam Assassin.

This pay day deal email is commonly image heavy, and as per Spam Assassin’s image to text ratio rules – which you can read more about in Spammer vs the Spam Filter – it was having inbox placement issues.

In order to remedy this, we simply added a lot more text underneath the main image and made it smaller.
So we’re not really fooling the spam filter, that would imply some kind of underhandedness, we are in fact abiding by the rules in an aesthetically acceptable manner.
And because the Daily Mash is very funny they added a little bit at the bottom to add humour to anyone reading it.

Fair point really, the cynicism from their main reader base would require some kind of explanation of all of that bumf at the bottom of the email and it has to be funny.

Obviously they did a good job because it was also remarkable – literally 🙂