A Google plus and social media reflection

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]Just a little personal reflection on the content in social media nowadays…

What Google seem to have done, is allow people to choose who to throw their content at (like Facebook), rather than just everyone all the time (like Twitter), then allow the recipients to categorise a person or brand depending on their feeling of their content – into circles (like twitter lists?)

In my opinion this could mean a lot of mis-categorisation because a single person can share content about all sorts.

People I follow to keep up with email, also tweet about college football, for instance, something that I have no access to even if I was interested.

Of course I don’t just want to know about email, many people I know and interact with about more than just email, even if that is our main shared interest.


I’d be more convenienced if tweets, for instance, could be (pre?)categorised so their relevance could be more automatically perceived.

Instead I tend to use tools like Summify to find out things I’ve missed that are classed as important due to their popularity.

Yet another aggregation tool. But which is nice and convenient and not far off actually satisfying my little rant the other day.


Maybe that is the next step in online tech, a really good aggregator personalised to one’s needs, interests and moods?