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I saw from Google Plus this morning that someone had successfully made a video work in Hotmail. Although I can’t find the actual plus post now!
This was on, using a Sky Atlantic email advertising Game of Thrones.
So I went back to my resources which were: Campaign Monitor, Video for Everybody and the linked Video Generator for Everybody.

My first test went quite well!

I simply took the code provided by the Video Generator for Everybody pasted it into the “add HTML” box in Thunderbird and sent it to my Hotmail account.

When it first got there I was treating it like a flash player and hovering over it but got no response. As I was expecting player controls to appear on blur and they didn’t so I thought it was broken.

Then I right clicked it, got a player menu, hit play – and it worked!

So you have to right click to play by the looks of things, it’s probably a safety precaution to stop horrid spammy stuff playing instantly. The right click menu has more on it, so maybe there is more we can do with the video tag to make the control appear etc. Also a browser view link could easily take you to the browser version with more control and of course you can easily ask ask people to do it – I’m sure they’ll be delighted to.

Needs some more testing!

I won’t be able to test it until Thursday! aarrrhhh I have my Mum’s retirement party this afternoon and I’m in London for most of Wednesday, so it’ll have to wait til Thursday, unless someone beats me to it of course!

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14 thoughts on “Video in hotmail

  1. I’ve got it working as above – on the right click you can access the controls, though weirdly the play button on the default html 5 controls doesn’t work (only the timeline & volume)..

    even with controls=”controls” though, they don’t show up by default!


  2. That’s inconvenient. Well it is in beta, it’s probably a security procedure.
    To be honest I was expecting to need to safe list the from address before anything would work, that’s how I would have secured it anyway.


  3. Hey Andy, killer work here! As you probably anticipated, I ran a barrage of tests on Hotmail’s HTML5 video support, then shared the findings on the Campaign Monitor blog.

    While I haven’t been able to get video controls to appear, I did find that the ‘autoplay’ attribute works… However for the collective sanity of email recipients everywhere, I don’t recommend using that 😉

    Thanks for your help with this yesterday – the credit in our blog is well deserved! Let me know if you come across any further tidbits on video on email – I’d be happy to check ’em out.


  4. Awesome stuff as usual Ros!
    As the first lady of email message compatibility you never fail to ‘deliver’ …pardon the pun 🙂

    Great post too, beautiful find for the autoplay feature!

    Another one for the ‘frequently referenced’ bookmarks folder me thinks.


  5. Even though hotmail was showing the poster image it used the image load command to play the video on autoplay.
    I only found this when I sent from an address that wasn’t in my address book for my hotmail account.
    Maybe it checks the senders status in the recipient’s address book?
    Another reason for asking for safe-listing and asking for replies.


  6. Just noticed that the right click menu in hotmail will show the controls, but I couldn’t get the pause button to work from the controls, but I could get the volume working


  7. aaarrhhh I can’t get that music to stop but nothings got the video open…

    found it…Thunderbird will play the audio from the new email. I hit insert HMTL, paste it in and hit go, it renders the poster then starts the music!

    …and I can’t get it to stop even after I’ve closed the new email window!


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