Google Circles aggregate content too

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]google plus logoAs I’ve already said, Google Plus is more for Twitter users than Facebook user at the moment because you are more likely to network at a business level than a close social level.

Subsequently when you start Google Plus and pile all of your mates from your email account into circles you then want to do the same with your tweeple, who you are not Facebook with.

This leaves with 2 circles of friends: Facebooky friends and family, Twitter industry mates and networks etc. Then I add people who are neither into a 3rd circle, like followers – 3 circles.

I then realise that some people from the industry are also friends but not on Facebook, so I’ve got another circle for Industry good friends, 4 circles.

I then realise that some of my industry friends are all about digital media in general but not about email, so I might want to throw all of the geeky email stuff to them, so I make another circle – 5 circles.

Then some of the people that are friends but also industry friends are colleagues, I don’t need to bombard them with all my email geek stuff, so I make another circle – 6 circles.

Then I realise that whilst I now have full control over who I send my content to, what about reading content?

I had twitter lists, to manage what I looked out for and to aggregate the right content to me, some public and some private.

I did have a list of people in digital media in Brighton, so I could pick some of that out of the mists of content, so I make another circle – 7 circles.

Then I find that Mashable have a news presence and as I had a list of digital media publishing on twitter I want that same aggregation in Google Plus, I make another circle – 8 circles.

Then I write a plus post and need to decide who to share it with…

It’s a really hard decision, you don’t want to give people irrelevant content but you don’t want them to miss out, so I sit there for ages and eventually, after checking twitter in between, I make it public!

This is what I think I need  from Google Circles

1. A better interface for managing these circles. If I decide to change people in circles I need to be able to filter the contents of some circles to see: only the ones that are not in other circles or ones that are in specific other circles.

2. I also want sub-circles, so instead of having people in duplicate circles I can put multiple circles into a parent circle, like all my work circles can be work, whether they are networking, friends, email, seo, etc OR if they are Friends circles, friends, family, acquaintances etc. That way when I  write something if it’s work, I can send to all work but if it’s social I can send it to friends, however if it relevant I can send social stuff to other industry bods in Brighton which would be a sub-circle of the work circle.

If you agree on this or have something similar in mind, please TELL GOOGLE about it. There is a feedback button on the bottom right of every page in Google Plus. Use it. Google want  to get and keep users, so right now, they are listening – make sure you are helpful and constructive and not critical and sarcastic!