Google Plus vs Twitter

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]google plus logoAs we all know by now Twitter is a micro-blogging service allow people to throw thoughts, statements and headlines with links in out at the twitter world for people who follow them to look read.

Those who read can then decide to get on with their life, reply to the sender or retweet to everyone else. They can also send that person a direct message – providing both users are following each other.

Why is this good? … Attention span is tiny!

It’s really easy to interact and visually filter out non-relevant information because the content is only up to 160 characters.

Publishers and bloggers have revelled in their Twitter glory – just read the Mashable Story to see how they would not be who they are today without Twitter.

Publishers and bloggers, publish a piece and tweet it to the world then get all of the traffic back to their site. It’s good for traffic and very good for SEO – for the moment.

The better bits get retweeted by readers and more people go and read and share and discuss – in 160 characters. Obviously most of the sites have their own comments section so and discussion can ensure from there, this can get tweeted and more traffic gets directed.

How does Google Plus Compare?

The main difference is obviously that you are not tied down to 160 characters. Also you can have images viewable in the G+ post page, any link you share will get a preview under your post and another big thing is that all comments appear below, like in a blog or in Facebook.

In fact it doesn’t sound anything like Twitter – but lots of people are saying that this will kill Twitter off? – It could but not in this state.

Right now Google plus is more like Facebook but for Twitter users. By that I mean that people hold their Facebook presence a bit more preciously than their Twitter. And the early adopters of Google Plus are people who network over twitter with their online world more than Facebook, which is more for family and friends to share photos, funny quips and the music videos.

Twitter is simply a way to SMS to a public forum, it’s a subject line and a call to action, it’s a glorified RSS feed with an easy sharing button to a central arena.

Twitter is so very convenient and to the point, the G+ interface does not satisfy the tiny attention spans of the masses who want just the buzz. Which brings me to my point about how Google can steel twitter from twitter and this time not die on their arses. Google have already created their own version of Twitter, they called is Buzz, you may have seen it before running away at how terrible it was. However, the frame work is there to give an nice easy & light twitter interface to G+.

In the grand scheme of things, Facebook is so very social, as in for mates, and not really for business – people who post status updates about work to a network full of family and friends, tedn not to get asked to parties; Linkedin is one big CV and job site now and twitter is too…tweety, Google plus will be a Twitterer’s Facebook.

If that actually works out there will be room for Facebook and Google Plus in our lives – that would be weird.