How Google Plus can complete the Twitter Migration

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]google plus logoMany people seemed to think G+ was going to be a Facebook killer, the early adoption has actually seen a giant twitter migration and G+ has been hailed as the Facebook for business.

You can’t be surprised, Facebook is already set-up with our mates and GooglePlus has limited access so it’s no remotely encroaching on Facebook’s true social network. Subsequently it’s the tweeters who are taking it up and testing it out.

Currently due to the convenience, integration options and the fact that Tweets are so short, Twitter is surviving, however, Google could finish Twitter sooner rather than later…


All Google needs to do is create a 160 char interface for Google plus, linking back to the Google plus page for the longer posts; At the same time, allow the main Google Plus account to drag in tweets that can be sent out as a Gplus post and/or allow tweets to appear in the interface that could be re-shared Gplus posts.

Of course this could sound like a big job. After all twitter is a whole app on it’s own, separate from GooglePlus, this could mean that Google would have to write a whole other app on top, or does it?

No it doesn’t, Google already has a 160 char content feed, it’s just that no-one uses it – they called it Google-Buzz and it was Twitter without being Twitter. No-one actually uses it because there was no point at the time – we already had Twitter. But now it can have a use.

On Twitter, most people use Hootsuite or TweetDeck with a column for mentions, the main feed, DMs and then columns for certain lists and searches.

Imagine going to a page where you have a column of all of your circles’ content but just the 1st 140 chars  +  a link back to the full GooglePlus post on GooglePlus if it’s longer than 160 chars.

Then the ability to give each of your Google Circle it’s own column to aggregate the content so you know where to concentrate your time.

This way you can do the quick and easy twitter style use and you have an easy interface to find relevant content on Google plus. You can easily get into the main Google Plus interface to reed and put more of an elaboration in and they will be automatically picked up and feed out into the 160 char interface – not unlike sharing a blog comment through apps like Disqus.


If you like this idea and you want to be able to use Google Plus a bit more like Twitter: TELL GOOGLE about it now!
There is a Feedback Button on the bottom right of every Google Plus page, just hit it type in your needs a suggestions, hit preview then hit go -please make sure you are polite and constructive – the good people at Google are hard working people and if you want something from them, don’t kick the gift horse in the teeth – thanks you.