What is Google Plus

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How does it work?

google plus logoGoogle plus is Google’s latest endeavour into Social Media. But unlike Buzz and whatever Wave was about, this one’s been embraced with open arms by the early adopters of the online community. Essentially Google Plus is a new online community, not unlike Facebook & twitter where you can share your thoughts, links, pics and videos with anyone who’ll listen.

How to share

You get your “Stream” where you add your stuff and then you get to chose who to share it with: Choose from your own circles, extended circles or make it public. Then hit go. You can even go back in and edit the post, disable the sharing or the comments after you have posted. There is no limit to number of characters like Twitter, you can put in line breaks if you like and if you paste in a url, G+ will try and grab a bit of the site and stick it under your post.

How do I read what is being shared

You can keep an eye on the main “Stream” or filter in and only view the stream from one of your own circles. There is also the “Incoming” stream of all shared content that is public. You can then read it, if you like +1 it or re-share it to your own circle(s). If the original was shared to a select group, G+ will worn you when you hit share, this is so you could decide not to make it public when it was not shared publically originally.

What is a circle?

A circle is your circle of friends. You get to make multiple circles of any size and name them what ever you like. Google gives you a set of suggested circles from the start: like Following, Friends etc. This way when you post something, you can make it only visible to your friends and not colleagues or business contacts you want to network with etc.


It’s very straight forward, the interface on a desktop is cool too. Mobile apps aren’t bad either. This is only early days and the uptake has been phenomenal, Google are keeping an eye on it all and watching and listening to feedback to keep making this better ready to make it nice and easy to rob Facebook blind of all of their users and twitter may vanish forever. Get involved as soon as you can, then follow me here:  http://gplus.to/capix