Re-sharing a Google Plus post is not spammy

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]google plus logoThis was on the back of a rather well commented post on Google Plus but as per the nature of Google Plus’s interface, I can’t find it hours after commenting on it unless I trawl through my notifications – but that’s for another day 🙂

I’ve seen a few posts of people saying that they don’t like “sharing”, personally I think it is the nature of the G+ app and if you want to axe people for giving a post the highest accolade the app provides then axe me, I’ve no interest in being connected with you.

If however, you understand the reason why people hit the share button but the fact that the same post being shared by multiple people clogs up your stream inconveniences – which I fully understand and agree with – but don’t want to miss out on other post by someone do the right thing: SEND FEEDBACK TO GOOGLE!

If the g+ interface is putting barriers up and giving a poor user experience which could eventually mean losing users Google will fix it.
If enough people say the same thing, Google will fix it quicker – none of this is rocket science, just because Facebook tells you how to use software OR you are trained to accept anything Apple gives you it doesn’t mean Google is the same – you can have what you want if you ask.

For instance: in this scenario, Google could quite easily allow someone to mute shares of a certain post, they could force all comment on shares into the original post, they could simply allow you to to comment on the original post rather than the new one.

However the real problem is that people want to re-tweet a post, doing a +1 is like adding a favourite, it’s not telling other people to look at it. Retweeting is a way to let other people on your network know you like it because people like to stay in touch with what their network is reading.
So what we actually need is a change to how +1s work, make them show up on streams in say 140 char + a link back to the original post, for instance.