Transactional social share

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]This has literally just occurred to me, I’ve not seen this anywhere but it seems like a good idea?

Many people are quite proud of their new purchases, sometimes it’s a bi-product of the adrenaline of spending money or just the joy or getting something new. These people are likely to be inclined to tell people about it.

I do see it on Facebook and Twitter, where people take photos of their new gadget or shoes and tell their friends.

If I were in on-line retail, I’d want those shares to link back to that product page on my site.

The way I would do it is to add a “tell you friends” button on the transactional emails associated with that order: payment confirmation, delivery details, follow-up review request, etc. etc.

It maybe more popular to do from a mobile app that integrates use of the camera, eg: the Amazon app could do it and the paper work in the box would remind you to do it when you open it.

As far as email is concerned, providing the opportunity to do something someone is already motivated to do but also get the traffic to my site at the same time must be a good thing!
If someone doesn’t want to take a photo, doing it in a browser should be an easy and enjoyable experience using intergations from your site to the scoal networks using the site’s images to help.

If they do want a photo, a mobile app may well be the better way, but also to make it easy to get a photo from your computer to the share would also be s good idea.

One thing that springs to mind would be a link in an email saying “tell your friends” that click will take you to the product page on the site, then a light box pops up providing the opportunity to share, possibly with screenshots of how it would look on Facebook, G+ and twitter.

If this is not a new thing and I’m just in the dark a bit and anyone has seen this in action, please let me know.