How long do you have to convert an email recipient

Dori Thompson guest writes for the awesome Smart Insights in “The 3-5-7 rule for Email marketing” (01/11/2011).

This is probably more vital information than you may, at first glance, think…

So many emails are created as a giant image and then get sign off, as a giant image but don’t tested in the inbox’s preview pane with images blocked until it is too late to do anything about it. The result is another under achieving delivery.

If you rely on the images to be loaded to convert, they need to take an extra action once they have opened the email.

Consider the 3-5-7 Rule in conjunction with the Triangle of Conversion when you have one main call to action.

Of course always make sure you have additional things for people to engage with, either to the right or beneath your main content.

When it comes to newsletters, where you have a lot of content try some teaser text in preheader or even more of a contents section in header, this way if the content that is visible when the email opens is not suited but there is more further down that might be, they will be able to know about it, rather than click away without knowing what they’ve missed!