New IP Feedback loop from have just released their FBL.

This is a DKIM based FBL, like that of Yahoo and other Return Path based FBLs.

Laura at Word to the Wise tells us that it is likely there will be an IP based one in the near future for ISPs but no further details yets, I’m sure Laura will be one of the first to know.

At the time of writing Laura said that there was not an English language version, while the page we are directed to appears to have an English translation for set-up, there is a chance that the actual user stats are still not available in English.

Another one to add to the list though:

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  1. Tried to sign up, but after creating a account, the domain-based validation is not something I am willing to do: either put identification tokens inthe website or the domain DNS records. I think I will wait until they have email-based validation!


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