When postmasters subscribe to marketing emails

A fair few lists I’ve had to refuse in the 18 months have had a increasing number of postmaster addresses on.

Now the general consensus is that people who are actual postmasters, as a job, will not subscribe to emails.

Subsequently having them on a email list is unlikely to suggest permission. Also if a postmaster gets an unsolicited email they are likely to use their postmaster powers to block future email from that sender not only to their address but also the network the office network they manage and even an entire ISP.

So part of my list checking process is to look for email to postmaster@ addresses, I then presume that the list is bought and the broker is a dirty scraper or stupid appended trying to mug people off  = parasite.

I then reject the list and possibly even the sender for having pony data and for the audacity of polluting my laptop with it.

However, recently I’ve had to change my tolerance levels of postmaster address from 0% to about 0.001%!

The reason?


Yeah, you ‘erd me, Plusnet!

That northern ISP with the mildly funny adverts. Not because they bought loads of data and spammed the nation a couple of years ago, not that but something far more ridiculous!

They force residential users to make a postmaster@<username>.plus.com email address.

These residential users, have no context of what postmaster@ means, they think it’s nice and novel being the postmaster of their own domain.

Subsequently I have to assume that this becomes that family’s main user’s email address, which they then use to do all sorts of things, like apply for loans & credit cards and probably some on-line gambling as well as newsletters and ecommerce.

So now I can’t put a ki-bosh on anything with a postmaster address and I have to actually investigate them.

I am very inconvenienced by this action from Plusnet, being an ISP I would have thought they’d know better, grrr.

So the answer is: no, postmasters don’t sign-up form emails, but sometimes people who shouldn’t have a postmaster address are told to make one by their ISP and they use it like a normal one.

So, dime bars all round…