Best open times ruined by mobile

In the last … forever … email marketers have studied the best time of day to send an email to get the most people to open it.

On a B2B level you knew they’d be at work 9-5, probably using MS Outlook, with coffee and lunch breaks.
Consumers would tend to be better in the early evenings when they turned their computers on after dinner.

Now we’ve all got smart phones not only can we check our emails on the move at any time, we can even get alerted to a new email by our phone, like we would an SMS.

This means more recipients will open the email within minutes of receiving it. So, to an extent, it does not matter when the emails are sent, a large percentage of the list will open it straight away.
Especially with iPhones loading the images automatically.

It does not, however, mean engagement!

This also means that most of the open times studies are now wrong. It’s no longer about the time of the open it’s about the time of engagement: opportunity, convenience, brand rapport, relevance;

Or has it always been this way and KPIs have simply distracted us?

(image: courtesy of Swagstein)