Scrapple – spam-like but not quite spam emails


Scrapple is a new email genre to join the ranks of ham, bacn and spim.

Scrapple means “SPAM-like But Not Quite SPAM Emails”.

I spotted this on Word to the Wise recently, where Laura reported this word emerge from a load of Science fiction writers discussing a recent unsolicited email they were all CC’d on, from someone promoting them-self for an award, after taking their addresses from the Science Fiction Writers Association directory.

They went on twitter to complain and decided on a word to classify that kind of email and came up with “Scrapple“, this same thing got onto Storify later on for an easier read and the first post about the birth of Scrapple.

According to Laura, those who know will know that Scrapple is also a pork based dish and according to the coiner of Scrapple (@talkwordy): “Scrapple is the world’s most delicious meat bread”.

Normally i’d be simply happy to take their work for it, as I tend to for most modern American concoctions which sound like a heart attack on a plate, however, some of the pics don’t look so bad: with eggs for breakfast? looks like a nice hash 😉

But whenever I say the word I think of scrabble more than meat bread though.