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I’ve been umming and arring about this for a while and much of the time I’ve decided that selfies are tacky: they are for clueless teenagers who have to use them for their online profile pictures because they haven’t got any friends to take one for them.

Some people have tried to add a certain coolness or novelty to them and to be honest I’ve seen some not horrific ones.

However, that coolness is starting to nudge me and I’m curious to see if there is a way for it not to be tacky and stupid.

Did a quick search and found most of the advice is about online dating. That is not really relevant to me or the impression I’m trying to create.
However, if you or you know anyone anyone who needs to know how to optimise your online dating prospects with the right selfie, there’s loads of help out there.

So the two sites that seemed relevant were a Yahoo Answers page and a page on

So firstly I went to Yahoo Answers:
(good old Yahoo answers, it is in fact the only thing Yahoo has to offer me)

“Is it cool to have a ‘selfie’ as your profile picture?” was followed by a very humble: “I know this is shallow and there are more important things in life so dont bother answering with shut up and go outside etc. I’m a teenage boy i’ve been teased for supposedly taking ‘selfies’ before.”

The voted best answer to this question, the detail I was looking for  and that came right near the top of my search was:
“Y not,  If somebody says sh!t fu-k em. I have selfies all over and no body dares to mess with me and if they do who cares, Like so what

Bosh-done as far as I am concerned, it’s selfies all the way!!!

But just in case I thought I’d read the page on Greatist:


(all caps blog titles are REALLY ANNOYING it just makes every share a shout – use CSS to capitalise it you dime-bars.)

This piece has a lot to say about ‘Selfies’, some of it not total mindless page filling, SEO pleasing, swill.

Apparently from one angle it’s a dangerous sign of asking people to constantly judge you and not getting the right answer could have terrible consequences on self esteem – more for girls than boys; alternatively it could be a new form of communication!

So to conclude, I didn’t really find out anything definitive but I don’t think as badly about them as I used to but not by much.

My advice: make it funny and light, don’t try and make statement, don’t try and don’t control people’s perception of you – they will realise and their perception will be rubbish – unless it is for online dating then the rule change, apparently; and finally don’t try to hide the fact it’s a selfie – the thing that makes a selfie acceptable is the fact that is it is a selfie, that kind of picture will never survive any other genre of photo.

5 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. Completely agree with the above. I have been thinking this for a while as well. I remember when Apple introduced the camera in the monitor and that made Macs tacky in my eyes as all you saw were kids taking pictures in the Apple store for there MySpace accounts.However this hasn’t stopped me buying an Iphone.

    But has the selfie been the outcome of advertisings heavy use of photoshoping? So the great example was Doves ad: The Evolution of Beauty –

    I feel this is why people feel its normal to take these pictures as they are surrounded by fake imagery and simply want to feel they fit in.


  2. Is Snapchat a prime example of why selfie’s are tacky and horrible or is it what has made is fashionable – out side of the gruesome abuse which occasionally occurs of course?


  3. I suppose that has offered people to express themselves in a way perhaps that wouldn’t in person and yes you get people abuse these channels. I don’t personally think it’s made it fashionable, Its something that’s likely to have occurred back when cameras became more available to families but obviously never got the exposure we now have with social media.

    I suppose the question we should ask is what is next?


  4. I’m sure it’ll be something to do with wearable tech: glasses, broaches, necklaces etc. The opposites of selfies where others have taken unknowing pics of you


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