Marketer or Marketeer

I’m personally not comfortable with the word ‘marketeer’, I cringe whenever I hear it.
I’m much prefer marketer, I do marketing, I market therefore I’m a marketer.
Marketeer feels a little pretentious?
It all sounds a bit too swash buckling to me:



But then of course I shouldn’t talk, I do have a rather swash buckling not-so-secret identity:




Image credits

Top Images features:
Top left:  Ash, Rog , Mark, Darren: The founders of Pure360 in 1999.
Top Right: Jordie, Andy, Andrew: at an email meetup
Bottom Left: Armani, Craig, Ross: representing Pure360 at a trade show
Bottom Right: Adam, Lucy, Simon: representing Pure360 in a pub a few years ago.

Top left clockwise: BBC’s The Musketeers 2014, The Three Musketeers movie from 1993, the Three Musketeers movie from 1973, Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds which hit the UK in 1985.

Bottom image features: Me – Andy Thorpe / Me – Captaininbox