Watch out for plain text


Watch out for plain text

As you ‘should’ know, a plain text version of your email is vital for inbox access; Viruses and spammers often don’t bother so content filters lookout for it.

Way back in the days before the WWW, email existed. You sent plain text messages between computers/terminals and the file was a header and the content  – plain text. Then later on, the web was made and HTML was bolted onto the bottom of the mime and email marketing grew.

Over time more and more inboxes would render the HTML and now, pretty much all of them do by default – even blackberrys!

So you just made it quickly with the click of a button or it is made for you and you haven’t had to care about it for quite a while, But now you do!

Phones are getting bigger and to fill the void of the tiny smart gadget, wearables are appearing – most notably the Watch!

Word on the web is that it is very likely that Apple’s smart watch: “Apple Watch” will render full emails but only the plain text version and due to the novelty of it, they are likely to read it or at least the start, they could continue to read the plain text or handoff to the phone.

Either way, your plain text will likely start to matter but you likely won’t know about it because there’s no open tracking in plain text, only link tracking and the likelihood of clicks on a watch is slimmer than a phone, however there is a chance they’ll handoff the click down to the phone – if that’s an option – it should be!

In fact they should let you queue up the pages you click to so you triage the inbox then get your phone out and the pages are loaded and ready!

Make sure you check the plain text version of your emails is structured in an accessible way, especially the top 3rd.