Mark multiple emails as not Spam in Gmail


How to mark multiple emails from the same sender as Not Spam in Gmail desktop


As you may know, marking as not junk is a good for reputation.
One mark as not spam counts for more than one mark as spam.
This is because you are telling the Inbox provider that they have got it wrong and you nearly missed an email which you wanted.

It is easy to mark one email as not junk, go to your spam folder open it and click the “not spam” button. Alternatively you tick the email or all the emails in the spam folder you want and choose “not spam” in the control at the top.
If you want to mark all the emails from one sender as not junk, they are unlikely to all be on the same screen to tick them all, so you do a search.
If you select all emails from your search you don’t get the option to mark them as “not spam”.
This is because you are in the search screen and not the junk folder.

To be able to mark them all as “not spam” follow the process to search for all the emails in your junk from one one sender. You then click the tick box at the top to tick them all. Then click the “spam” folder label to take you back to the spam folder.
Once in the junk folder, you will find that all the emails you had previously ticked are still ticked.
Now you have a “not spam” button; if you click it you will have mass marked all emails from one sender as not spam.

If you want to go a step further and mark all the unread ones as read, you should do this by opening each one. This is because marking as read without opening is also not good for your deliverabiltiy reputation.

An easy way to do this is to search to find all emails from that sender which are unread,
eg: “is:unread from:dave@daves.dave”.

Then click to open the oldest one.
Once in the oldest email you will see left and right arrow buttons in the top right. Use the left arrow button to take you through each email one at a time from oldest to newest. this will open each one individually and save any damage to reputation.

[image from Spam Nightlight on Etsy – there are a few other novel spam items there too]