Microsoft giveth then taketh away


Outlook on Android winning / windows 10 is made of fail

Just as the Outlook app finally promises to deliver responsiveness to Android thus completeing the responsive provision in the mobile world, Microsoft announces the new windows10 outlook that will not only ignore media queries, it is identical across all windows10 devices, no matter the screen size. So not even hybrid cannot make it work.

Could this give Gmail the excuse it needs not to bother with the promised responsiveness for its email apps?
Did anyone care about windows mobile, yet, will they ever, who cares?

Will the outlook app on android get less clunky and acheive its full potential? If so might that be enough for google to pull its finger out?
I like it, while it’s not quite ready yet the feature set is near perfect.

Either way time will tell but we’re still short on a responsive android since lollipop has dropped a native email client in favour of Gmail – that client was pony anyway.
Although my old XperiaZ just got lollipop and Sony’s left one in, not that I use it, I use Mailbox [function over fashion], until Outlook’s ready or Google makes something decent.