Lightboxes Improve Cart Recovery


Lightboxes increase abandon email capture…

One fragment of big data is utilizing browser and cart behaviour for better profiling, accurate product recommendations and cart abandonment emails.

One of the most prominent best of breed specific software packages for this service is FreshRelevance (used to be called: Triggered Messaging).
By installing script on your site much like you have for Google Analytics, the tool will watch your site and store product interaction on individuals who can be identified.

One of the very cool things it can do is look visitors up in your ESP when they click through from an email. This means that no personally identifying info is carried around and each bit of software is used for its core job and compliments the other.

However, as usual, one of the primary goals is to rescue and convert to new visitors who’s email address you do not have. If they don’t enter it you get nothing.
When someone is shopping as a guest it has become popular to ask them for an email address to save the cart. This avoids the often over complicated and tedious process of creating a whole new account at point of check out but it still allows you send an abandoned cart email.

If you use FreshRelevance it turns out at our trusted PadiAct is the lightbox of choice. Sign-ups through a PadiAct lightbox can be picked up by FreshRelevance and of course will send emails back to your choice of ESP where you do your welcome email thing too.

Stay tuned for some specific ecommerce lightbox tips