A New Drag and Drop Email Editor


Drag & Drop Editors

In the last couple of years or so, email editors have appeared which replicate the easy to make web-site tools allowing them to “drag & drop” components onto a page and change the content accordingly, thus giving everyone more structural options, whilst supporting today’s need for out of the box mobile responsiveness, without the need for coding or a costly re-build for wysiwyg editors each time.

The cost for these drag and drop editors is often a restriction on how much you can do; don’t get me wrong, it’s still more than a basic wysiwyg can do, especially with today’s responsive needs but it can be hard to make an easy to use drag and drop that supplies the flexibility to avoid lots of emails looking very similar across users.

Additionally these same editors also have to account for the ever-changing rendering environment and many take a while to update and often kill off old templates when they are.

Some do it better than others and Pure360’s is packed full of promise…

Pure360’s Drag & Drop editor

This is a point of personal rejoicing for me because I’ve been at Pure for so long and built so many emails and more importantly fixed so many emails for such varying skillsets.

Awaken the Sleeping Dragon-drop

Instead of rushing to market to compete, and delivering half a job, like so many others, they took their time and built it carefully to make sure it is the best editor it can be and better than the rest, and it’s on track to do just that.

They’ve managed to maintain that easy drag and drop interface, with the cheeky little light-sabre type animation guiding you to the drop, whilst providing such advanced options for your build.

Including: in app image editing (text, filters cropping etc.), multi-column creation and deletion, on-canvas text editing and the ability to save all content block types for re-use in future emails – from entire panels, to small columns to just a button.

On top of that, the under the hood, it’s got a finger printed, dynamic rendering engine which allows Pure360 to modify the rendering output as the inboxes change their requirements, which automatically updates all existing templates and saved blocks on their next use, without losing work.

If I’ve successfully earned your curiosity, they’ve made a particularly good video on the landing page.