As a deliverability guy, I want to, so that

Apologies for the lack of content, there has been a lot going on: I had a kid and there was quite a lot of change at my company and with that I’m now a “Product Owner”, recently Scrum Certified too, still at Pure360 of course.

Hopefully this’ll not only give me more chances and things to blog about (so those of you who subscribed actually get something, sorry bout this one) but also give me a new, fresher and better angle than before…
It’s my team leading the Maturity Model and Best Practice Framework and of course I’m involved; along with making Pure360’s software suite amazing, we’re looking at Email Marketing as an industry, a medium and the people doing it and it’s a great time to do just that and use my experience to it’s full potential.

Fingers crossed I really do get/make the time.