New IP Feedback loop from have just released their FBL.

This is a DKIM based FBL, like that of Yahoo and other Return Path based FBLs.

Laura at Word to the Wise tells us that it is likely there will be an IP based one in the near future for ISPs but no further details yets, I’m sure Laura will be one of the first to know.

At the time of writing Laura said that there was not an English language version, while the page we are directed to appears to have an English translation for set-up, there is a chance that the actual user stats are still not available in English.

Another one to add to the list though:

Gmail gets preview pane

[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]First things first – yay! This may be the final straw to complete my migration from Thunderbird?

Although I can insert raw HTML into Thunderbird and the Mozilla wysiwyg is gravy, however, for daily use I may sack it off and go browser!

I saw the tweet from Striata’s very own miss awesomeness 2010/11: “Mia Papanicolaou” and clicked straight through – if it were an email  I was converted from the subject line – to the official Gmail blog announcing a new Gmail lab for a preview pane, I then ran back to gmail added it and it’s gravy!


Currently I personally prefer the vertical split in Gmail over the the horizontal split in that I normally go for in Thunderbird or Outlook.

Now I’ve got Priority Inbox, Multiple Inboxes and now the Preview Pane. I’m not sure how well they will all exist together but time will tell and the novelty is getting me through any work flow changes that could be otherwise inconvenient. Once the novelty value has dropped I’ll be able to make a proper decision. Maybe the preview pane will trump Multiple Inboxes, who knows!

I am, however, slightly concerned over how excited I am about this feature of Gmail…
Even more so when I realise I stopped re-building a template for a D-K cup biki brand to write this blog??!

I don’t think I’m well, I think I need a pint (or 6)!
It’s 14:20 I should just about be able to hang on another couple of hours ;-D

Video in hotmail

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I saw from Google Plus this morning that someone had successfully made a video work in Hotmail. Although I can’t find the actual plus post now!
This was on, using a Sky Atlantic email advertising Game of Thrones.
So I went back to my resources which were: Campaign Monitor, Video for Everybody and the linked Video Generator for Everybody.

My first test went quite well!

I simply took the code provided by the Video Generator for Everybody pasted it into the “add HTML” box in Thunderbird and sent it to my Hotmail account.

When it first got there I was treating it like a flash player and hovering over it but got no response. As I was expecting player controls to appear on blur and they didn’t so I thought it was broken.

Then I right clicked it, got a player menu, hit play – and it worked!

So you have to right click to play by the looks of things, it’s probably a safety precaution to stop horrid spammy stuff playing instantly. The right click menu has more on it, so maybe there is more we can do with the video tag to make the control appear etc. Also a browser view link could easily take you to the browser version with more control and of course you can easily ask ask people to do it – I’m sure they’ll be delighted to.

Needs some more testing!

I won’t be able to test it until Thursday! aarrrhhh I have my Mum’s retirement party this afternoon and I’m in London for most of Wednesday, so it’ll have to wait til Thursday, unless someone beats me to it of course!

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