BtoB: How can e-mail marketers improve ROI in their e-mail campaigns?

Dave Lewis, CMO, Message Systems: May 21, 2009 – 10:44 am EDT

When looking at campaign ROI, marketers should closely examine both parts of the equation—the return and investment. The first is the return the campaign is yielding. The second is the cost associated with gaining those results. Both are important in determining if a campaign is achieving the apex of its potential.

The ultimate goal is to minimize costs while maximizing to find out how

Clickz: Q&A: The Future of E-Mail Marketing

Q&A: The Future of E-Mail Marketing

By Jeanniey Mullen, ClickZ, Mar 12, 2009 Sponsored by Responsys

More than 60 people wrote in questions during ClickZ’s “Future of E-Mail Marketing” Webinar, featuring a presentation by Zinio CMO Jeanniey Mullen, today. Here are unedited questions from the Webinar transcript and Jeanniey’s follow-up written answers… read on

marketingsherpa: 7 Useful Email Strategies for Consumer Marketers

marketingsherpa: Mar 05, 2009

If your marketing team is forced to do more with less, consider tweaking your email strategy and expanding it into other areas. Below we’ve outlined 7 strategies that come directly from MarketingSherpa’s Case Studies and how-to articles. Includes research statistics and choice bits from Sherpa’s Case Studies.

Seven Strategies to Heighten Email’s Efficiency
Strategy #1: Use best practices and basic tests
Strategy #2: Nurture leads
Strategy #3: Resurrect dead leads
Strategy #4: Boost user-generated content
Strategy #5: Cut expenses, increase satisfaction, multiply sales
Strategy #6: Sharpen autoresponding email strategy
Strategy #7: Organize and rally grassroots teams

read on…

EMR: Building a list on more than deals and discounts

Mark Brownlow: 10/02/2009 13:28

There is some argument out there on whether sending deals, discounts,
free shipping, coupons etc. makes long-term sense for any email
marketing program.

One side says you’re simply training
recipients to buy at discount rather than full price. The other side
says, yes, but if it brings more sales and profits, who cares? At this
point, arguments about price theory and branding break out.

But there’s a bigger problem here: read on…

DMA Email Marketing Council Blog 2009-02-06

DMA Email Marketing Council Blog

Time to turn your attention to e-mail ‘acquitention’

Posted: 05 Feb 2009 07:49 AM CST

the recession putting marketing budgets under ever more pressure,
brands will inevitably be forced to be more creative with their e-mail
campaigns and distribution. Here are six tips for gathering new
customers without dropping your existing service levels.1. Look…

Welcome email can help retain subscribers

Posted: 05 Feb 2009 07:11 AM CST

this month’s Infobox you can read the following articles: ‘Welcome’
emails can help retain subscribers – by Loren McDonald of Silverpop
Think that soft bounces are caused by a full inbox? Then think again! –
by Dela Quist of…

E-retailers seek more data at e-mail sign-up

E-retailers seek more data at e-mail sign-up

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Major online retailers are seeking more
information from consumers signing up to receive e-mail, but in some
cases making that sign-up option less prominent, says a study from the
Email Experience Council of the Direct Marketing Association.

51% of online retailers studied offered only a one-click sign-up from the home page, down from 63% last year, read on…