Gmail Promotions Tab Grid View in action



Tah dah!

This is about 300px wide, now mobile subject rules apply to the Promo Tab:

Animated Gifs don’t work btw.

Getting the G+ logo working was a bit complicated, the sending domain seemed to make a difference and I tend to use the numerical Google plus url as it is a sort of primary key.

More to follow and they’ll probably be a more formal post on the Pure360 blog early next week, stay tuned!


2014-04-03 Update:

In order to get the G+ icon/logo:

The sending domain appears to need to have valid/working MX records.
The domain needs to have some sort of DNS link to the domain listed as the brand’s url on the G+ page.
– Tried it with a sub-domain of the domain listed on the G+ page and it worked
– Tried it with a sub-domain of a domain which redirected to the G+ listed domain and it worked
DKIM doesn’t seem to make a difference either way.

2014-04-04 Update:

The GooglePlus url code is not required. If your sending domain’s dns is linked to the domain your confirmed as your site in Google Plus it just picks it up automatically.

The fact you can specify a GooglePlus profile link seems pointless because it won’t pull the logo unless the sending domain is linked and it’ll do the look up that way anyway.

Sent an email for the first time from a different brand, did not include the G+ data, in fact, tried to wing it by editing the publisher data to call a different image and changed the url/googleplus to just say image:
Gmail still pulled through the google plus image from the account, the only link was the sending domain and item url of their site.

2014-04-11 Update:
Upon further investigation it seems one should be able to get the logo untie inbox from a different domain. The same form used for the transactional schemes also registers your domain with your company.. Testing to follow.

Facebook Email Spam is on the way

FB email

Facebook is shutting down its email service.

Following on nicely from Google+ opening the door and allowing anyone to get message to your inbox without your email address, now Facebook are doing it…

The email service will be closed and will default to forward to your primary email address.

This means that anyone who knows your Facebook username at the end of your profile’s url, which is everyone, can simply whack that in front of and spam the shizzle out out of you.

I for one will be updating our list checker to lookout for addresses.

What to do?

Go into your Facebook settings and turn off auto-forwarding, once this has happened to you.

If you already had that set, go and check it, because as you probably know by now, every time Facebook updates their privacy settings, everything you’ve changed before gets reset  back to default.
My Facebook has not updated yet but says:

“Your Facebook email is based on your public username. Email sent to this address goes to Facebook Messages. However, soon this will change, and email sent to this address will be forwarded to your primary email. Learn more.”

when I click learn more it says:

What’s changing with email addresses?

Currently, messages sent to your email address are delivered to your Facebook Messages.

However, we’re updating the way email addresses work, so that soon any email messages that are sent to your email address will no longer go to your Facebook Messages. Instead, these emails will be forwarded to the primary email on your Facebook account. Learn how to add or update your primary email.

As a part of this change, any current Facebook conversations that include an email address will become read-only. This means that you’ll still be able to view the conversation, but you’ll no longer be able to reply to it from your Facebook Messages. To continue the conversation, you can always message people through their Facebook accounts.

I’ve no idea how we are to know when this has been rolled out to everyone, my original source at The Verge seemed to have already had the notification of the change. So hopefully each of us will get an email to our primary account, in the inbox, to tell us about it, before they fill up with spam from this forwarding service.

Originally this service was supposed to make Facebook the hub of the digital communication. The idea was that Facebook messaging would know each user’s messaging preferences and send them any messages to their preferred method; for instance, if someone is always using SMS and someone emails their @facebook address, they would get a text and not an email like their friend who started the conversation. This way people would be able to communicate through Facebook without having to change their behaviour. I’m guessing, hardly anyone used email and they all used SMS or Messenger.

That’s not rocket science to me, if I want to message someone, I’ll use a message app, not shout from a building and hope the wind carries it right.

It could be SMS, email or FB, although I know I’ll get a quicker response via SMS, then FB then email.

Now Facebook’s paid $16 billion bucks for WhatsApp we can presume that SMS and Messenger over smartphones is the way forward.

Very few people actually use email for social communication any more, it’s either SMS or some kind of other messenger service that uses data instead of texts.

In fact Apple have combined to two and decide for you – which his a bit rubbish when you move your number from Apple to Android and she can’t text you cos her iPhone keeps imessaging your iPad.

While I could speculate that WhatsApp is some kind of step forward, it is a very basic tool and there are thousands of them out there but this one did better at the right time and dominates the market and now it’s Facebook’s. Presumably they will soon match the WhatsApp phone numbers with Facebook accounts and have more integration between the two; maybe even copy WhatsApp chats into Facebook messaging for an extra interface, time will tell.

Just in case it looks like I’m not a Facebook hater, I’m not!
I’m an avid user but the constant struggle to stay vigilant against its consistent attempts to share my info with strangers to make money is a little tedious, but not enough for me to leave, which presumably is the idea.




(pic from: imgur)

I’ve been umming and arring about this for a while and much of the time I’ve decided that selfies are tacky: they are for clueless teenagers who have to use them for their online profile pictures because they haven’t got any friends to take one for them.

Some people have tried to add a certain coolness or novelty to them and to be honest I’ve seen some not horrific ones.

However, that coolness is starting to nudge me and I’m curious to see if there is a way for it not to be tacky and stupid.

Did a quick search and found most of the advice is about online dating. That is not really relevant to me or the impression I’m trying to create.
However, if you or you know anyone anyone who needs to know how to optimise your online dating prospects with the right selfie, there’s loads of help out there.

So the two sites that seemed relevant were a Yahoo Answers page and a page on

So firstly I went to Yahoo Answers:
(good old Yahoo answers, it is in fact the only thing Yahoo has to offer me)

“Is it cool to have a ‘selfie’ as your profile picture?” was followed by a very humble: “I know this is shallow and there are more important things in life so dont bother answering with shut up and go outside etc. I’m a teenage boy i’ve been teased for supposedly taking ‘selfies’ before.”

The voted best answer to this question, the detail I was looking for  and that came right near the top of my search was:
“Y not,  If somebody says sh!t fu-k em. I have selfies all over and no body dares to mess with me and if they do who cares, Like so what

Bosh-done as far as I am concerned, it’s selfies all the way!!!

But just in case I thought I’d read the page on Greatist:


(all caps blog titles are REALLY ANNOYING it just makes every share a shout – use CSS to capitalise it you dime-bars.)

This piece has a lot to say about ‘Selfies’, some of it not total mindless page filling, SEO pleasing, swill.

Apparently from one angle it’s a dangerous sign of asking people to constantly judge you and not getting the right answer could have terrible consequences on self esteem – more for girls than boys; alternatively it could be a new form of communication!

So to conclude, I didn’t really find out anything definitive but I don’t think as badly about them as I used to but not by much.

My advice: make it funny and light, don’t try and make statement, don’t try and don’t control people’s perception of you – they will realise and their perception will be rubbish – unless it is for online dating then the rule change, apparently; and finally don’t try to hide the fact it’s a selfie – the thing that makes a selfie acceptable is the fact that is it is a selfie, that kind of picture will never survive any other genre of photo.

Gmail opens a new door to your inbox though Google Plus

G plus email

I received this to two of my Gmail accounts that do not have G+ profiles, I did not receive it to any of my accounts that do have G+ profiles


While they still bang on about respecting our privacy by not sharing the email addresses it does not mean that you are safe from a lot more unsolicited emails.

Essentially, it defaults to “anyone on Google+” so if you don’t change that, anyone with a Google Plus account can now send you an email.

If you change it to only “circles” people who you follow can email you. Which might not be so bad unless you follow people and brand to consume their content, like you would a blog or twitter: you might not want them to now email you to convert you from a follower to a prospect to a customer, like they would with someone who signs up to their list even people who are unlucky enough to be on a list they buy.

Time will tell about how abused this is but personally I’m not a fan, I don’t think it is the best idea with the low level of control Google have left us.

I’m worried that brands and marketers will see this as a new way into inboxes of followers and start marketing to people, not unlike people on Linkedin sending mass personal messages.

There’s a lot to play with and test and time will tell what happens with it.

Google has fallen very short with the opportunity that Google Plus presents. Circles are a good/novel idea and well executed in IU but poorly executed in function.

The fact that your Google profile is permanently stuck to your email address is the biggest fail of all.
Whilst it helped get new Android users set-up and bedding in, it is a massive barrier to engagement for the more savvy user who left Hotmail or Yahoo for security and spam reasons to now have to open themselves up again in order to enjoy whatever the benefits of G+ might be.

This is why  Facebook still owns that space.

Google could better compete with twitter by offering a headline and link feed of G+ so we don’t have to work so hard to aggregate, choose and consume content on G+.

Google is having some success in the B2B sphere with G+ accounts and hangouts working well with the Docs suite as a full business solution. Microsoft is trying to catch up with office 365 & skype but the G+ profile is more like Linkedin than anything MS has to offer.

Spectacular response to a Facebook rant from Bodyform, was it staged?

On the 8th of October some bloke called Richard did a giant rant comment on BodyForm’s Facebook page. It’s a very funny rant indeed, so funny I’m suspicious that it was part of a marketing trick from Bodyform themselves. You have to go and read the full post yourself but a few of my highlights include:

“as a man I must ask why you have lied to us for all these years … at this wonderful time of the month that the female gets to enjoy so many things … I mean bike riding parachuting … this time of joy and ‘blue water’ and wings !! Dam my penis!! … my lady changed from the loving , gentle, normal skin coloured lady to the little girl from the exorcist with added venom and extra 360 degree head spin…”

At this point (17/10/2012 9:18 BST) it’s got 86,877 likes and 3,731 comments.

About a week later, ie: 14.30 yesterday Bodyform came back with possibly the greatest response I’ve ever seen to a social media rant, with a whole video from an actress playing Caroline Williams the CEO of Bodyform. I don’t even know if the CEO of Bodyform is actually called Caroline Williams or if the entire character is fictional and I can’t be bothered to find out either.

At this point – 20 hours later, it’s got 2,279 likes and 218 comments.

During the video she admits they have lied about the happy times and the adventures, all the time sipping a glass of blue water, a very nice touch. She then goes onto to apologise, describes the troubles men have in handling the reality of it and gives full credit to Richard for pulling the plug on the illusion and forcing men everywhere to confront the reality. She then finishes with a quick ‘fart’, looks at the camera and says “oops, sorry Richard, you did know that we did that too? didn’t you?” Utterly Priceless!

You must watch it to really get the full experience, it’s only 1.45 mins long. You can also watch it on Facebook.

The entire video is so well done and it is of course a concept that both men and women can understand for different reasons and it is very funny. So funny that I reckon they’d thought of the video response first, probably quite a while ago and had been sitting on it waiting for the best way to use it. I reckon they decided that the content was unsuitable for TV as well as being a waste of money due to not having any call to action. Subsequently Facebook would be the obvious choice as a viral platform to show character of the brand.

It’s very well done, obviously lots of people believe it is all real and I spose it could be but I don’t think it is?

What do you think?
Was it real?
Are there any other brand responses to social comment that are as good or better than this?
Feel free to tweet something #rantresponse


The web is full of write ups of this but one caught my eye in possibly the worst way where they have used picture from the movie Carrie to help illustrate their blog post, it’s funny but also a little stomach churning 😉