IP Warming

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Since Goodmail inevitably closed it’s doors more people are having to face their IP reputation, which now there is not certifications from Goodmail, is pretty much starting again so they need help.

Until we get word about domain reputation the best reputation management is IP reputation.

ISPs will decide how many and how quickly they accept emails depending on the sending IP’s reputation. Once the IP exceeds the threshold for that reputation the ISP will soft bounce the emails and call it a deferral! So you can send them again later when the volumes are lower. If you’re getting loads of complaints, spam traps and bounces and don’t get better – you’ll just get blocked.

However, when you get new IPs, the ISPs see them as a credit company sees a person trying to get a credit and as we all know, no credit history is normally worse than a bad credit history. This is because with a bad history at least they know the level of risk involved, with no history there is a risk on a taking the risk, so it’s too bigger risk!

Every time someone hits the spam button, you get a hard bounce, you hit a spam trap, your credit rating goes down.

Whatever you do when you add IPs you want that IP’s rep to be getting emails delivered form the start so you don’t lose anyone on the way, so you have to green them. The big question is what is the best way?

The majority of people I have spoken to say basically up to 10k a day for the first week and then between 50k and 100k the second week. By the end of that, the IPs should have shown up on various reputation monitors and you can see where the land lies.

Here’s a little check list of things to have:

  • Get the IPs as certified as possible, this is basically SPF and DKIM or DomainKeys
  • Then plug them into as many Feedback Loops as you can find
  • Also register them in Hotmail SNDS
  • The emails you send through these IPs early on should be sent slowly and increased gradually with some consistency in between each increase.
  • Only send emails to people know will open them and will not bounce or mark as spam. Any negative reactions will count for so much more in the early stages.

Here are the other pages here and their referring pages, in order of my convenience 🙂

Here are some more useful Reputation sites:

There are more and I will endevour to add to this, if you have a good resource lob it over on twitter, facebook or wack it in the comments.

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