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[tweetmeme source=”getintheinbox” only_single=false]google plus logoSince Google Plus has come about, I’ve had a lot to write about, in order to easily get them all on one page so you don’t have to sift through other posts here they all are in a list:

Brand Pages Finally Arrive on Google Plus

As you may or may not have found, pages have finally arrived on Google Plus.
The easy ability to comment and like something from a brand has not only brought people closer to a brand but also given a brand more of a personality. It has also dramatically boosted the viral abilities…read on

What is Google Plus

How does it work? Google plus is Google’s latest endeavour into Social Media. But unlike Buzz and whatever Wave was about, this one’s been embraced with open arms by the early adopters of the online community. Essentially Google Plus is a new online community, not unlike Facebook & twitter where you can share your thoughts…read on

A Google plus and social media reflection

Just a little personal reflection on the content in social media nowadays… What Google seem to have done, is allow people to choose who to throw their content at (like Facebook), rather than just everyone all the time (like Twitter), then allow the recipients to categorise a person or brand depending on their feeling of…read on

How Google Plus can complete the Twitter Migration

Many people seemed to thing G+ was going to be a Facebook killer, the early adoption has actually seen a giant twitter migration and G+ has been hailed as the Facebook for business. You can’t be surprised, Facebook is already set-up with our mates and GooglePlus has limited access so it’s no remotely encroaching on…read on

Re-sharing a Google Plus post is not spammy

This was on the back of a rather well commented post on Google Plus but as per the nature of Google Plus’s interface, I can’t find it hours after commenting on it unless I trawl through my notifications – but that’s for another day I’ve seen a few posts of people saying that they don’t…read on

Google Plus is not as good for publishers as Twitter

Blogging and online publishing has revolutionised and in some ways saved by social media, especially twitter. Publishers and some bloggers make their money from advertising on their site. Driving traffic to the site and getting those ad images loaded, is to some extent all that matters. Maintaing the regular traffic is what becomes your lifeblood…read on

Google Plus vs Twitter

As we all know by now Twitter is a micro-blogging service allow people to throw thoughts, statements and headlines with links in out at the twitter world for people who follow them to look read. Those who read can then decide to get on with their life, reply to the sender or retweet to everyone…read on

Google Circles aggregates content too but I need more!

As I’ve already said, Google Plus is more for Twitter users than Facebook user at the moment because you are more likely to network at a business level than a close social level. Subsequently when you start Google Plus and pile all of your mates from your email account into circles you then want to…read on

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