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Email Anatomy

I’ve taken an email apart and addressed each section with generic guidelines, requirements and hints and tips:
Subject Lines, From name, Pre-headers, Banner, Content, Testing & Rendering, Phishing & Spam Warnings
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Don’t talk to strangers…with email

I, like many people, don’t like it when I get emails from companies I have not given my email address to.

I still run into people who think they have to buy a list to do email marketing. This is probably because everyone’s primary marketing focus is converting strangers into customers as quickly and as cheaply as possible and many people cannot comprehend any kind of marketing beyond that.

While this is immensely depressing, it is a reality and only through education and persistence can we fix this
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Faster mobile web will change it all

Could internet speeds decide the future of on-line communication, from email marketing to social status to SMS
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Strangers to Fans, Search to Subscriber

Most digital marketing budget is focussed on getting new business: like getting high in search rankings and appearing in ads on the right sites (& never buy an email list!). All of these result in directing people to your web-site, preferably dedicated landing pages based on the source and reason for the traffic. So basically converting strangers through their own activities
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Facebook Messaging

I got really carried away when Facebook announced Facebook Messaging and wrote loads about it: