Get in the Inbox

Get in the Inbox logo Welcome to Get in the Inbox, the seemingly never-ending Email Marketing brain dump of Andy Thorpe, aka Captain Inbox or as I like to call myself:  Me!

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CSS3 and the pulsating glowing button!

With some of today’s inboxes getting good at renders (still not Outlook) we can do some very cool things in the inbox…read on

Critiqual Email

New page dedicated to my feedback on some remarkable emails…read on

Above the Fold – two emails in one

The preview pane matter more than you think, here’s how and why…read on

Over Branding

It’s easier than you think and really gets in the way…read on

List Fatigue

Opens dropping? More and more inactives? Send less, more often…read on 

Cap’s IP Warming Page

Since Goodmail inevitably closed it’s doors more people are having to face their IP reputation, which now there is not certifications from Goodmail, is pretty much starting again so they need help… Well, here’s a page dedicated to it…read on

Email Anatomy

I’ve taken an email apart and addressed each section with generic guidelines, requirements and hints and tips: Subject Lines, From name, Pre-headers, Banner, Content, Testing & Rendering, Phishing & Spam Warnings …read on