What if Facebook did let Brands do bulk email marketing to their Fans

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This bit is what I’m sure a lot of marketers have been wanting clarification on.

With the introduction of Facebook Messaging giving users an Inbox inside their own account, brands who put a lot of work into their Facebook Fan pages might have been thinking that they could now do email marketing to their fans inside Facebook.

Alas no. Facebook have confirmed via ClickZ that metrics and bulk messaging is not a feature. They did say that metrics is not available to marketers ‘at this time’ so maybe it will be in the future.

As an Email Marketer, I was hoping for something a bit more to allow brands to send the same message to each fan.

As an ESP I’m glad you can’t because I want people to use my software to send the emails.

As a Facebook user I’m also glad you can’t because no matter how much I love email marketing, there are still too many spammers and too many brands out there that are not inclined to do it right and I know if Facebook opens that door, everyone will get hammered with email and go back to MySpace or something :-)

If Facebook did consider it what would they have to do in order to avoid recipient rebellion?

Well, seeing as you ask:

This would fit into more of a publishing model with an awesome preference centre.

A brand would be able to write a message, personalise it and hit go to email all of their fans. This first email will have to be an opt-in for people to actively ask for them and then the would be preference options in everyone’s account.

Each recipient would then be able to manage their preferences per brand, ie: frequency, optin/out.

Facebook could then charge the brand per fan & anyone who stops being a fan is opted-out automatically.

The metrics Facebook could have would be awesome: they could even know when a person is most likely to login and charge more for an intelligent time send.

Then with integration, if someone had linked their Facebook account to a web-shop for instance, the dynamic content could be pretty good too. There could be a lot of money to be made.

But I expect it will rob Facebook of any integrity it has and they would become such a commercial marketing portal people will quickly move on.

So in conclusion, I’m glad they won’t be doing it… interesting thought though

Amplify’d from www.clickz.com

FB: Inbox analytics are not available to marketers at this time. Messages are private and Business Page owners can send messages to their Page fans, but only to one person at a time as before, and it will go to ‘other messages.’ But the recipient can move this message thread from ‘other messages’ to main part of Facebook Messages. People can also block senders if they don’t want to receive these.

Read more at www.clickz.com