Can Email Marketing give you Google Juice

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If part of the reason that email is forgotten over Social is because links from social media provides google juice where links from emails apparently do nothing, is there anything I can do about it?

I haven’t really got a clue about SEO and trying to Google-it gets me hundreds of pages selling it to me but rarely anything useful. I asked a couple of SEO people who said that because traffic from inboxes aren’t from real web-sites so it can’t help rankings.

I’m not so sure. If the traffic was actually from an inbox I could see it. However, traffic from a marketing email goes to the ESP who hosts the tracked link. It’s the ESP who then reports on the click and redirects to the website. swaps links and counts the clicks before redirecting to the website and that still gets you Google Juice.

So my first question (of many) is: Why don’t redirects from ESP servers get Google juice when links do? or do they?
According to Google anything that does a 301 is followed then Google Juiced but that could only be when the famed Google Bot parses the tweet on-line and not when someone clicks it and gets to your site?

If email links can help search rankings we should really tell someone!

Anyway, I’m fairly sure that direct links count especially internal links from one page in your web-site to other pages within your web-site…I’ll come back to that.

Now when someone uses the social share or SWYN in your emails, the link that is shortened and shared is actually the view in a browser link from the email but with the optout link disabled and extra tracking so the ESP knows it’s from SWYN and usually which social site etc. That way it can track who shared, where and how many clicks it got form which network.

So basically it’s the same as a send to a friend and counts each link click in the email by the people who got there from the social site but like Google Analytics it just gives the numbers not the individual tracking.

  • Is there SEO there? Dunno! It’s a publicly accessible webpage but with an obscure url.
  • It maybe hosted on a delegated subdomain of the sending brand’s home domain, does that make a difference? Dunno!
  • The links will essentially be from a sub-domain of the main web domain so would they then count as internal links? Dunno!
  • For Google to even know about it would the external view of the email need the GA tacking JavaScript in it? Dunno!
  • Or is it all rubbish and as long as you have the Google tracking codes in you get something? Dunno!

What if you actually take the code from your email and paste it into a page on your website and them make the SWYN links in your email link to that page, probably shortened, then all social traffic could count the same as any other social traffic to your blog posts etc. Also, as the content of your email will be full of links to other pages within the same site it will be full of internal links, more Google Juice.

So really the question left is about the subdomain, if traffic from the subdomain carries the same weight as traffic from the domain, which ever way the subdomain is delegated, it’s easy. As any brand aware marekting is far more likely to tie in an sub-domain than plug in a brand new domain – if their hosting packages allows them to delegate it.
If not you will have to chose between the Google Juice from the self hosted email content and losing out on the deep tracking, or keep the deep tracking from the ESP hosted view in a delegated subdomain and not get as good Google Juice from the internal links

Or am I talking absolute gibberish?