Email Radio: Luke Glasner’s five favourite email marketing metrics

[tweetmeme source= “getintheinbox” only_single=false]Luke Stat-Walker Glasner (now a qualified Jedi Master of Stats) properly annihilated Email Radio a week or so ago with his awesome metrics action. I know I often do a write up but I’ve listened to it 3 times now and I can’t do it the justice that Luke himself has.

I do intend to really get to grips with it and make a detailed account of how I will use it. Also I had my guys at Pure360 listen to it to help them get more budget.

Basically on the back of Mark Brownlow’s statement that email is not sexy enough to get the budget from the big boys, they don’t need to hear about open rates and clicks, they want to know if it is profitable.

Luke picks it right up where it left off and tells us how to connect with the bosses and get the internal recognition we need to get budget. We prove profit and we get budget..

Everyone who does email marketing should read this post.

Tuesday we had the pleasure of welcoming email marketing metrics Jedi Luke Glasner of Glasner Consulting to eMail Radio. It was a fantastic show which has gotten raves from those lucky enough to catch it live! If you missed it, you can check the podcast out here! We asked Luke about his five favourite metrics and he’s obliged with this post.

There are many metrics worth tracking in email from average revenues to spam complaints, but which are the ones you need to track for your programs?  Here are five metrics that I track for my program’s success that you can use in yours.


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