If you target well you get to make your emails Shexzy

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This month I had the usual chats with people about getting better engagement from their emails. The place I tend to start is the creative, mainly because it is the easiest thing for someone, not as advanced with email as I, to interact and empathise with. Subsequently they are “more inclined to fix an email than ‘faff’ about building a targeted list” as one of them told me recently.

So normally it begins with the pre-header and building for Outlook’s imageless preview pane: keeping the images smaller in the top third, getting more text in etc. etc. the stuff we all say everyday.

However, in the hope of motivating people to want to segment better, there is the opinion that for certain, special emails, that would go to already very engaged subscribers, the image blocking would not be a problem.
This would be because the recipients know that brand already so you only have to worry about the subject line to make them prioritise it. Many recipients will already have safe listed the sender and the others probably just load the images without thinking anymore.

At that point, you have the freedom to be creative, as long as you satisfy various filters’ image to text ratios.

The kinds of email I am talking about are normally things like:

  • Invites to special events with a very targeted audience.
  • People who go to the same thing every year.
  • People who always interact with the emails.
  • Special offers on products that people have on their wish lists.
  • There are also niche lists for scarce things like Pure360’s Scally Rally list for instance.

When there is scarcity and people will be more engaged, you have more freedom to be creative…
…as long as you make the experience good and avoid the junk filters.

In some ways, that can even be a goal for marketers…

Luke ‘Stat-Walker’ Glasner (Jedi of Metrics), tells us to look at the money because that is what the bosses see.
If you can prove profit each time and then make it better, you’re all talking the same language, showing good results and everyone’s a winner.

Too often we only look at the open rates and click throughs, with only one list all getting the same email.
If you target correctly and aim to get more engagement, then send the engaged a prettier email next time, in the knowledge that they will see it all, your life is easier and you should get better conversions.
I’m sure there was a shorter way of saying that?

Then tie that in with Luke’s approach: you are onto a winner and your emails are shexzy!